A Government Of Technocrats?

salam government

Technocracy is when leaders have background in multiple fields and less in political fields. Usually these experts work as advisors for the prime minister, president and ministers but in a technocracy government they rule to take care of a particular crisis.

Technocrats had their role in Egypt during Abdel Fattah Al-Sissi takeover, along with the army, they brought security, got rid of corruption and lately opened the New Suez canal for international trade; a new economy boost for Egypt.

Why Lebanon needs technocracy at that time?

All politicians in Lebanon have one common enemy that they agree on; it’s not Israel but a government of technocrats. Such government has short-term positive results on the economy of a country like Lebanon, using drastic reforms while unveiling many scandals linked to corruption, power abuse and other scams amassed throughout the years.

That will be sufficient to remove our beloved leaders from the main lucrative resources of the country like Casino du Liban, Oil companies, RHIA, Telecom, Port of Beirut, Energy providers, etc…

“Government of technocrats does not enjoy the necessary elements to face the domestic and external developments with the required readiness and efficiency...” Michel Aoun 2009

“A government of technocrat is out of the question (…) past experiences have demonstrated that a technocrat government in Lebanon will fail in meeting its objectives” Suleiman Frangieh 2013

“I doubt there are any technocrats or impartial people in the countryNabih Berri, 2013

We refuse to discuss a government of technocrats,” Walid Jumblatt 2005

“Technocrat government an option, but not the only one…”  Najib Mikati 2011

“Our participation will be in a non-technocratic government…” Hezbollah spokesperson 2013

Such negative statements will not help the establishing of a technocrat government, especially when these politicians still have control over their supporters, on and off the streets. The FPM (Aounists) movement in July of this year was a proof.

So the decision lies in the hands of the people, if we don’t obey our usual leaders for once and believe in the core nature of a state, then we can make a change.

We gave enough time and chances for our currents politicians, the survivors of the civil war, to make a change but they failed after a quarter of a century post-civil war to improve the life of every Lebanese.

This change should be embedded in the mentality of every one of us. Change is not jumping from March 8 to March 14 or vice versa. Change is not following new leaders who just left one of these two movements.

Change is to know what we want on the long term, it’s knowing HOW to vote not WHO to vote in the next parliamentary elections in 2017, or maybe earlier.

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