10 Things You Can Do While Stuck In Traffic In Lebanon


Traffic is one of the main wonders of Lebanon and it keeps on amazing us day after day. Driving in traffic is an art by itself, you get to know what lane is the fastest, how to avoid reckless drivers, how to save time, or how to spot an ambulance or a minister convoy and quickly follow them to pave your own way in traffic.

The first reason for traffic in Lebanon is the lack of adequate public transportation; whereas incompetent ministers and corruption generated a temporary solution by supporting private individual businesses.

The second reason is the precarious condition of the roads, inexistence of lights and lanes, deep  potholes, add to that negligence and lack of maintenance cause frequent car accidents.

The third reason is the exceeding number of cars on Lebanese roads compared with the assimilation capacity of roads and public parking.

The fourth reason is the incompetence of government bodies in scheduling maintenance and excavations on public roads by executing them during peak hours from morning till afternoon.

The fifth reason is the deliberate shutting of vital roads by protestors, which became a very common and normal thing in Lebanon.

Ruling out our options of getting to work by air or sea, we see ourselves confronted to this daily obligation with many ideas to kill time.

Monitor the outdoor ads, as this will keep you updated on all market offers to have enough information the next time you start a conversation.

Ordering food to your car is technically doable, for example if you’re stuck in Dora, place an order from a restaurant in Dbayeh area, they will deliver it to your car in no time. Make sure to have clear distinction on your car (balloon, flag, flashers, etc…) for quick spotting.

Talk to yourself or make a speech about any current social or personal issue, make sure to have your earphones so you won’t look crazy.

Abuse your 3G data plan keep on refreshing your Facebook page, you need to be aware of every new post; and Tweet, no one gets tired of seeing tweets that say “Stuck in F#$%#$ traffic…”…

Sing as singing can put you in situations where you’re daydreaming, transferring you to a sandy beach or on stage of a TV musical show. Your performance will eventually be interrupted from time to time with a “hayawen” accompanied with a lengthy horn.

Observe people this could help you profiling drivers, those who smoke, those who honk, those who are having a heated conversation with their wife, it will keep you entertained just like watching TV. Maybe someone could be doing the same about you.

Note down your ideas, this could be the only time during the day when you can’t be distracted, you might come up with philosophical thoughts, you can also create a to-do-list or your weekly grocery shopping list.

Have long annoying calls with friends, they will understand your situation and be responsive to your questions about what they had for lunch today and the weather condition.

 Take a selfie and post it on your social media platforms to get people’s empathy and likes, mentioning hashtags #traffic #lebanon #bored #wayni_el_dawleh #long_wait #toyota #sad #angry



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