For Every Politician’s Wife Her Festival


Every Lebanese politician is keen on improving his public image with an eternal obsession of gaining more popularity, and to some extent control over his hometown region. Many opt for direct communication such as heavy presence on different social media platforms or personalized websites and apps, while others keep the traditional habit of TV appearances and street effigies.

When summer comes, the most prominent ones use a different strategy implying their spouses in supervising, organizing or simply linking the family’s name to a festival held in their native town.

Those festivals mainly revolve around musical entertainment for the local market more than international audience; they feature famous Lebanese singers whose performance is broadcasted live on television, attracting high-pay sponsors that are logically of the same political orientation as the festival caretakers. Banks, insurances, TV stations, jewelers, all see in it an opportunity to indirectly exchange services with political figures that could be helpful in the future.

Festival Type Politically-related figure
Cedars Festival Musical (local) Sethrida Geagea / Wife of Executive Chairman of LF Samir Geagea
Beiteddine Art Festival Musical / Art (International) Nora Joumblatt / Wife of politician and socialist leader Walid Joumblatt
Ehdeniyat (Ehden) Musical (International) Rima Frangieh / Wife of Marada party Sleiman Frangieh
Kobayat Festival Musical (local) Cynthia Hobeich / wife of Akkar MP Hadi Hobeich
Zouk Festival Musical / Art International Zalfa Boueiz / (wife of former minister Fares Boueiz)
Tyre Festival Art/Gastronomy (local) Randa Berri / Wife of head of parliament Nabih Berri 
Festival Type Non-Political
Byblos Festival Musical Latife Lakkis / Although many attempts by Roger Eddeh to take over
Batroun Festival Musical Directly managed by municipality and an executive committee
Al-Bustan Festival Musical (International) Myrna Bustani / daughter of late tycoon Emile Bustani
Jounieh Festival Music (International) Managed by Phellipolis (NGO linked to Indevco group of industrialist Neemat Frem)
Baalbeck Festival Musical Nayla de Freige (Editorialist and journalist)

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