Road Signs 2.0


(Image taken by Noura @haykhabriyeh)

That’s surely a spoof and not an official road sign set by the Lebanese government. Saying so, those who are behind it should continue with other funny signs and install them all over Lebanon. Each design should be related to the region or area placed in; for example:

A sign with the image of an Inerga rocket should be separating between Jabal Mohsen and El Tebbeneh in Tripoli. What about having a No Smoking sign under the Law174 offices. Police and ISF precincts will have a chicken as image. Not to forget these same police officers highlighted on a sign near the hashish fields in the Bekaa “No Police Here Wleh” . Maameltein will also have a sign with a naked lady shape swooped by a red line. And to continue the pleasure, No Blowjob signs should also be placed all over Marina Dbayeh roads.

Maybe those fake signs will push Lebanese to look at regular signs and respect them.

Make it happen ونحن كلنا تحت القانون…

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