The Marriage “Yes”


Each region of the world has a unique reason(s) behind the “YES” term that leads to a marriage. Some are ironic, other funny and many are unfortunately true.(Arab Countries): My family, clan and tribe say “Yes”

(USA): Jerry Springer says “Yes”

(UK): Your girlfriend says “Yes”

(Czech Rep.): The green jinni says “Yes”

(Iceland): “Oh Yes”, “Oh Yes”, “Oh Yes”

(Syria): Bashar says “Yes”

(Jamaica): Is’ some good shit man; let’s say “Yes”

(Holland): The parade says “Yes”

(Brazil): Your lovely butt says “Yes”

(Dubai): My pimp says “Yes”

(Saudi Arabia): Your second wife says “Yes”

(Russia): Your stock of vodka says “Yes”

(France): Your kid says “Yes”

(India): When I shake my head is it a “Yes”?

(Kenya): If you catch that running food I’ll say “Yes”

(Lebanon): Your banker says “Yes”

(Mexico): If we cross this fence I’ll say “Yes”

(Egypt): What’s that? I’ll surely say “Almost Yes”

(Thailand): I need to check you before saying “Yes”

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