Living the Lebanese NEWS

you are the news

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Lately, I realized that you could live the NEWS in Lebanon without the need to watch it on TV or read about it in the newspapers. Remember the sacred eight o’clock news bulletin that every house awaits? Well, forget about it. Each one of us is witnessing the daily news without knowing it.

Let me tell you a couple of stories I was aware of without turning on any TV, flipping through a newspaper or surfing online.

Fatima Gaul Sultan: Woke up yesterday to notice that we were back to the daily electricity rationing, making it worse with one hour less. That was enough to understand that something went wrong with the “God sent” ship, Fatima Gaul Sultan.

Parliament elections: Driving around the streets of Beirut and across Lebanon without seeing posters of politicians and candidates will immediately inform you that no elections in the near future. Therefore, no law agreed on yet.

New government: From Metn to Batroun, you can’t miss all the supporting messages targeting one specific minister; enough to understand that he is still selling himself with these justifications to be part of the new government.


Telecom problem: Clearly there is a glitch in the network, you are not able to make a straight phone call without lines cutting all the time.

Syrian refugees: Had to stop to fill my car tank, when two of them jumped to my window. One is begging for a “lira” as he said, the other trying to sell me a Titanic DVD. Yes, their number is increasing in Lebanon.

Ogero / MOT:  Their continuous media clashes are clearly shown in the unstable Internet connection that is affecting every user in Lebanon.

Israeli jets: Just look up in the sky and see the many artistic forms they draw, enough to be condemned as a violation of UN resolution 1701.

Huge traffic jam in Beirut: I was stuck in it.

Weather: Check the balconies for laundry being dried, a credible sign of a sunny day ahead.

Sports: All your friends dropped their old football jerseys for new German ones instead, to highlight the most probable Bayern vs Dortmund Champions League final.

…وتصبحو عخير

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