Ski Resorts In Lebanon


Cedars (Al-Arz)

The oldest running ski resort in Lebanon is still a pleasant experience for being categorized as “schussing slopes” which means one can ski straight down without turning around hills or trees. Prior to the Syrian events, Al-Arz used to welcome many foreigners living in the neighboring country. Nowadays, it became less crowded due to its far location and poorly maintained facilities. Ski passes prices are exorbitant starting at 45,000 L.L during weekdays, add to that fluctuating equipment rental prices and quality between surrounding shops.  

Kornet, Pic Des Dames are only open on crowded weekends, while most visitors are restricted to two slopes only (Intermediaire and Capucines), in wait of the new chairlift Gondola.

False announcements in their communication are quite frequent, an open slope could end being closed upon arrival, as they tend to shut down chairlifts to cut down on cost. Cafeteria and kiosks are far from offering quality food, no on-slope hotels, and overnight accommodation few miles down are overpriced.

Entrance fee reaches 60,000 L.L on weekends.

F&B: Count for 30,000 L.L per person

Faraya Mzaar & Wardeh

A combination of many mountainous relief, its vast area covering several mountains is a pleasure for ski lovers. Well maintained slopes with constant snow grooming during the day guarantees a lovely experience, add to that experienced staff and trainers. One can enjoy the many comfortable accommodations in the area, along with frequent events organized to promote commercial brands or a fashion show.

The downside is that it gets very crowded on weekends and holidays, with chaotic queues waiting to take a lift, and the main road gets blocked by visitors parking on the sideroad, having a barbecue and nargileh. Add to that a parking fee of 7,000 (Wardeh) is imposed in addition to a valet parking service. And expect to pay around 15,000 for a beer or hot chocolate.

Entrance fee reaches 100,000 L.L on weekends.

F&B: Count for 50,000 L.L per person


A small resort up in the mountains of Jbeil, 25 mins away from the coastal highway. Ideal for beginners and those looking for a last minute ski plan or on a limited budget. One will enjoy the friendly rural staff along with a small kiosk at the entrance serving beer, sodas, chocolate and manakish.

Nevertheless, this resort is a family business where you can stumble upon the owner on the slopes, expressing an arrogant attitude towards skiers, dictating rules and giving the impression that he runs a Alps resort.

Slopes are poorly maintained with only one grooming in the early morning, making the snow unskiable around midday. Beside the auberge next to the entrance, avoid the hotel’s restaurant “Shangrila”, a pure rip-off.

Entrance fee reaches 35,000 L.L on weekends.

F&B: Count for 25,000 L.L per person


It would have remained a small forgotten ski resort if it wasn’t for MTV Lebanon’s extensive publicity and media coverage. Zaarour resort was revamped couple of years back with the booming real estate wave in the upper Metn mountains, it now consists of new lift equipment comparable to European resorts, professional staff, and overall good walk-through ski experience.

The down side is the small and short slopes, and very crowded during weekends with families and non-skiers along with many school tours.

Food is overrated in the available restaurants, you can still get satisfied with Classic Burger and the saj stand.

Entrance fee reaches 65,000 L.L on weekends.

F&B: Count for 50,000 L.L per person

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