Myriam Klink – Nude Video


On February 1st, Myriam Klink posted a 5 seconds video on Instagram showing a back shot of a naked blonde dancing on a boat. She deliberately added the location Yahchouch River – Nahr Ibrahim with a very catchy comment: “During the shooting of my new video clip, yallla…ya jorsaaaa ahahah”

Few minutes later, she started posting media clippings of well-known websites and Lebanese news agencies covering her story. Titles and articles were created with whatever information this video could give along with subjective assumptions.

“Myriam Klink releases a nude video of her, dancing in Yahchouch river, smoking cigars and sipping champagne! Click for more”,  “Klink just revealed her ass to people, unbelievable video! Click here for more”. Myriam Klink enjoyed this news and carefully posted every clipping on her Instagram account following the video itself.

Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram went crazy.

Her next move was to add a comment underneath the video saying that she will remove the video in 30 mins and post it only on her personal app. Which she did. And that just before she turns her Insta account into private, making every curious person a follower without having the luxury to see her public account.

Yes, Lebanese and the Arab world gave Myriam Klink what she wanted. More attention and exposure, in a well-crafted social media tactic, to create online interactions and engagements and increase the number of her followers and app users.

Naivety will grab you when you’re grabbed by a woman’s ass, focusing all your reasoning and common sense on these shaking lusty flesh.

You missed the fact of realizing that Yahchouch River in Nahr Ibrahim can’t hold yachts of an American spring break set-up, in a February weather where one can barely take off his coat. A video where a blonde girl is shot from behind without showing her face would do the job Myriam was looking for. Or the fact that she posted the video, and how proud she was of the comments and buzz created.

Myriam Klink or someone from her entourage crafted and implemented this clever but unethical idea that became an easy strategy to feed unverified and false news.

Always have an answer to a basic question that you can build on your analysis and judgement; otherwise, you will be disoriented and confused with the many possibilities and thoughts.

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