Annoying Interpersonal Habits

bad habits

Flexible Timing

Perception of time is often misunderstood in Lebanon, in instance we set timings and deadlines using words like “one-two hours”, “6:00-: 6:30”, “one week – maximum 10 days”, and we still manage to be late. Add to that, familiar excuses of retarders such as traffic and power cut but my favorite is when someone happens to be intentionally late simply by assuming that all the rest will be late. Epic.

Silent Answer

Have you ever been waiting for a response that never came? Then you should understand that usually the answer is negative, as no answer means no.

This manner became too common among people, either within a group, through email or phone and even a job application, as it saves time explaining a negative answer. It’s perceived as a lack of professionalism and sign of a weak personality.

Interruption In Conversations

Loud voice, anger, and big words are all associated with a person who is desperately trying to win an argument. This rooted behavior within the Lebanese society deepens one’s ego and creates negative interpersonal characteristics.

The biggest communication problem is that we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply.

Passing The Buck

It’s very rare to see a Lebanese stepping forward apologizing with full transparency for a mistake he did. Either a simple citizen, a politician or even a child; we always try to find excuses to blame everyone or everything except ourselves. Mea culpa my friend, mea culpa.

Smartphones In Group

Nothing more disappointing than looking at a bunch of friends, sitting all together in silence, their eyes and mind focused on a small screen. At first, you might think the New York Stock Exchange just opened and they’re too busy buying and selling bonds, but in reality they’re playing games or hitting the refresh button constantly to check the latest posts on different social media.

Here are 9 other negative social habits (Link)

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