The Art of Misinformation


The Facebook page of Tayyar Byblos published yesterday a video stating that “an ignorant Saudi man refuses to complete his ATM transaction before talking with the husband of the female voice coming out of the machine”. That video description was enough to get thousands of views, likes and shares including degrading comments from people who blindly believed what the party page wrote without questioning.

The truth is that the video was made as a funny joke in Kuwait (you see the Kuwait Finance House ATM), by a known social media guy for Instagram (thus 15 secs length).

This type of misinformation is not new to many Lebanese and Arab mainstream and social media, with the purpose of simply humiliating a political and regional opponent. In instance, many unprofessional and cheap shots can be associated with Tayyar and all its media network. It’s not limited to a single political movement but includes also March 14 movement who disgrace and publish any news related to Iran, Bachar Al-Assad or Hezbollah.

Unfortunately, we should blame the viewers before the publishers, who should check the source of the report, image or video before making a judgement.

Check the video below…


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