Politicians on Twitter

Twitter became trendy to most Lebanese politicians, a new tool to communicate directly with the people, here’s a short review of the major active accounts:
@drsamirgeagea All his tweets are linked to the official Facebook page, and resumed in a “I posted a new photo to Facebook”. Managed by his media team.

@haririsaad Handled by his communication team in Lebanon although he lives in Paris. He abuses every tweet to write exactly 140 characters condemning anything and everything. #1 in followers.

@sleimanmichel The former president comes in second place with the most followers after Saad Hariri. Managed by a team, except when a tweet is signed by his name.

@simonabiramia He tweets news about Michel Aoun’s daily schedule and visits, his opinion DO reflect the party’s decisions.

@nadimgemayel He tweets in a perfect arabic language, a clear sign that his account is handled by a specialized team.

@samygemayel His personal tweets are clearly signed “SG”, but you can’t not imagine his acute voice while reading his tweets

@gebran_bassil Managed by a media team with tweets revolving around his trips abroad and visits, including events under his patronage. Always smiling in his pictures.

@sleimanfrangieh His tweets are similar to his speeches, he only follows the Marada account…in other terms he follows himself.

@najib_mikati Huge contradictions in his tweets during his term as prime minister and after it. He criticizes the current government while still expressing himself as a potential candidate to save the country (sic)

@ibrahimkanaan His tweets are about Michel Aoun, Metn issues, but never mentions Gebrane Bassil.

@walidjoumblatt The most pleasant twitter account of a Lebanese politician. Humble, modest, confusing and reflecting his daily life. He replies to every question worth answering to. Few mistakes later and he nailed it.

@general_aoun His tweets reflects some kind of stubbornness, he follows no one. Zero.

@ziyadbaroud As a former minister he now tweets once every week or two weeks, mostly political messages hidden in poem phrases

@salamtammam He likes photos of his visits, also retweets most of the tweets he appears in.

@misbahahdab He only tweets about Tripoli to gain more popularity in his own city.

@jeanBObeid His account was quiet until recently when his name circulated as a presidential candidate.

@zahraantoine When he tweets it’s anti-Hezbollah tweets, no update since march; date when he was last seen anywhere.

@wiamwahhab He mostly tweets names of villages and warlords involved in the Syrian war, thus having more Syrian than Lebanese followers.
Note: No official Twitter accounts for any MP of Hezbollah or Amal. Party’s strict instructions.

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