Lebanese Ataturk


Despite the  bloody history of the Ottoman empire and the violence that occurred at the beginning of the 20th century, Turkey successfully shifted to a new era with Mustafa Kamal “Ataturk”. He was able to save the empire from being divided by separating religion from the state, he opened the borders with Europe, gave woman her political rights, and boosted economy. He also implemented a new alphabet for the written Turkish language based on a modified latin alphabet. In one word, he was the main reason behind what is Turkey today; it’s because of him that Turkey is not another Islamic country such as Saudi Arabia or Iran.


Why Lebanon needs a similar person?

Either we admit it or deny it, Lebanon is divided since its establishment on religious sects, geographical confinements and greedy land lords. The presence of a leader such as Ataturk in Lebanon will have a reforming aspect that will positively affect the future of every Lebanese citizen. Away from having any dictatorship ambitions, he should not be one of the Lebanese war lords or have been part of the Lebanese political scene in the last two decades. His “utopic” agenda will include:

  1. Separate religion from the Lebanese state, making the civil rights > any religious faction
  2. Political reform by creating a new democratic system based on the power of the people.
  3. Educational remodeling based on the slogan “Education for everybody” backed by the state, making  Lebanese the official language, with French and English as mandatory languages within the educational system.
  4. Eliminate the influence of land lords and their feudalism by removing their power within the political and social life.
  5. Bring to power politicians with characteristics such as integrity, honesty, and hard working. Away from religion, familial subordination, and greed.
  6. Create a federal system in Lebanon, where each area will have its autonomous governance with Beirut as the federal capital. This will push development and progress for each federation creating businesses, universities, self-sufficient electricity, etc..
  7. Set up a long term solution for the Palestinians refugees in Lebanon, by strong international agreement to move them over 10-20 years time to different countries around the world (Canada, Australia, Brazil, Jordan, Iraq, etc…)
  8. Sign a no-hostility agreement with Israel that can lead to the disarmament of Lebanese military factions while building a strong well armed army.
  9. Position Lebanon as the gateway country between the East and the West.
  10. Place Lebanon as a neutral country when it comes to conflicts that occur in the region.
  11. Show the importance of the Lebanese heritage and highlight the important role of the diaspora around the world.

This list can be very long, and as i mentioned the word “utopia” earlier in this post, the presence of such person can be like a wishful thinking for every Lebanese unless he is happy with the current pathetic and critical situation he is living in.

3 thoughts on “Lebanese Ataturk

  1. +1000!! Exactly what we need now! This has pretty much summed up my personal political beliefs in 11 basic points.


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