Trends of Summer 2017 in Lebanon

3-scuba wreck

  • Scuba diving: This hobby was still reserved for a niche of people looking for underwater sensations and a unique experience. Classified within the pricey recreational sports, scuba diving is gaining in popularity due to the restructuring of many diving clubs that now offer certified licenses from top international organizations such as SSI, NAUI, and PADI. Despite the polluted water in some regions, Lebanon coastline still offers beautiful underwater reefs and marine life, mainly in the south of Lebanon (Tyre) and up to the north (from Amchit to Tripoli).
  • Platform shoes: Thick sole shoes was a fashion five years ago in Europe and Latin America, but just made it to many countries in the Middle-East and Asia. Sneakers, high heels, sandals, wedges, and boots were all reassessed to have a higher outsole bringing sort of happiness to short women.
  • Nokia 3310: Released earlier this year, the old new Nokia 3310 was marketed for its long-lasting battery and the snake game.  Therefore expect to see many Lebanese this summer holding this gadget in cafes and beaches, playing the famous Snake game or using it as a non-lethal weapon for self-defense.

5-truck roadster

  • Food Trucks: Hot dog and manakish stands are no longer trending as some see them as a cheap place lacking hygiene standards. Here comes the time for food trucks of famous brands such as Roadster, Kabab Ji, Deek Duke and Burger King. The concept was revived a decade ago in the USA, providing gourmet food in a convenient way, and parked in strategic locations, and became a cheaper alternative to the dine-in concept. This will be a great added-value during concerts, festivals and outdoor events.

4-matcha tea

  • Matcha Green Tea:  One cup of matcha tea has as many antioxidants as ten cups of brewed green tea. Priced over regular tea with 100g for 20$, this Chinese powdered tea provides energy, improves skin health, increases mental focus, calms and relaxes the body. Its reputation exceeded its availability due to many social media posts titled “10 amazing benefits of matcha tea”, or “Matcha tea kills bad cells”, etc…. This should satisfy the Lebanese opulent market eager for new trending and healthy infusion.


  • Outlet stores: Growing like mushrooms across the streets of Lebanon, these rebate shops became a place to sell counterfeit products of well-known brands. Around the world, the concept of an outlet store is a retail shop that sells genuine luxury brands of previous collections that were not sold, then displayed at very attractive prices. In Lebanon, most outlets import apparel from Turkey or Asia and display it under the identity of an outlet store. This growing trend is already flooding the Lebanese market that consists of socially-avid buyers looking for brands at cheaper prices.
  • Fidget Spinners: Previous manias involved people fiddling with lighters or pens as a pastime or stress-reliever, and here comes this new non-electronic mechanic gadget that is flooding the Lebanese market. The spinner became a must-have for every kid and was somewhat adopted by grownups. Quality is key with models that cost $2 made of plastic to ones reaching $150 designed in aluminum or that include gemstones.
  • Velfies: Or the combination of a video and selfie, where a person talks about topics of interest on various social media platforms. It originally started with renowned world YouTubers their “vlogs”, video blogs, before shifting to shorter versions on SnapChat and Facebook. It reached the Lebanese market couple of years ago with Issam “SiMi” Merheb who criticizes many social vices among Lebanese, and Pierre Hashash who focuses more on political issues. This year it became so overused by individuals who self-designated themselves influencers or public figures publishing mediocre videos that lack a minimum of skills and talent required for that activity.

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