11 Types Of Lebanese You Should Not Travel With

final traveler

1. Naggers and Whiners: Usually they are a one-time experience as no second chance is given to such travelers. They spend most of their energy and time in whining about anything and everything for the sake of complaining or grabbing attention. They’re considered twats as they lack to take responsibility for their choices then tend to blame anything if things are not to the level of their expectations.

2. Culturally Unadaptable: These are still stuck in their country’s social bubble refusing to discover and accept other cultures. They tend to stare, laugh or comment on things they find odd, such as stylish clothes, bizarre haircuts, different behaviors, or simply not abide by the laws and habits of the country they’re visiting.   

3. Social Media Freaks: These are like whiners that you’ll most probably avoid. They tend to share their travel details from the moment they pack until their return. Checking in at VIP lounges, the classic passport and ticket photo, to inside-plane shots, to food shots from dusk till dawn, to other pretentious events, all featured as Facebook posts or Instagram photos with continuous interactions with followers, writing them messages such as “enjoy!”, “have a safe trip”! “Wow!” to other emoticons that please their inner-satisfaction.

4. The Planning Maniac: This person likes everything to be planned and booked in advance. Everything. And could freak out or get upset if things deviate from the initial program. Having a slight OCD characteristic, he’s uncomfortable with changes in itineraries or dates and could potentially become annoying if things turned sour.

5. Tourist Oriented: This person likes whatever the general mass like. He like horse rides around a monument, giving money to beggars, an easy victim of tourist traps, and likes to visit, eat and take photos just like previous travelers did. He mostly likes to hang around cafes and restaurants crowded with tourists.    

6. The Know-it-all: He could have traveled to the same destination twice, searched over the internet or simply pretends to know best at traveling. He acts as a guide, protector, and final decision maker on everything related to activities, food, and tips. He likes to impose his choices based on assumptions without any group discussion. Quickly reprimanded, he’s back to normal.

7. The Nostalgic: He’s physically present with the group but his mind is constantly back home, a change of mood is clearly noticed with observations and comments on things considered better back home. He finds difficulties detaching himself from his daily life and constantly contacts family and friends, or follows local news and gossips from abroad.

8. The Inconsiderate and Selfish: This person acts like a solo traveler in a group. He already has his made-up decisions on places to visit and activities to do. He rarely communicates with the other travelers where he sometimes eats before the rest and tends to detach himself from the group if a unanimous decision doesn’t suit him. 

9. The Stingy: He counts every dollar spent, and passes his time figuring out how to save money on every meal, visit or item bought. He is unaware that spending is part of the trip, where he shares a close similarity with the inconsiderate and selfish character.

10. The Fop: This person cares mostly about appearance and self-image, he tends to wear the latest fashion in public, spends hours in the shower, applying makeup or finding the best shirt that goes with these pants. He usually stalls the entire group and feels uncomfortable if a shirt is torn or if it starts raining. He has commonalities with the whiner and the social media freak.

11. The Calorie Counter: That person is so diligent about his food intakes, and unlike the rest, he’s able to choose a salad in a famous grill restaurant. He feels guilty most of the time, and most of his worries and conversations are food related and prefer to distinguish himself from the rest of the group. Despite these efforts, he always returns home with few extra kilos.


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