White Lebanon: We Have The Power (part 2)

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Politicians are humans, something Lebanese people always tend to forget. The perception toward the current politicians is viewed as infallible and superior creatures. Every politician is considered like a saviour from the “other devilish” opponent who wants to steal their rights and destroy Lebanon.

Add to that, some politicians engage in unethical tactics to ensure obedience by controlling the basic needs of their followers like employment and protection. People tend to become submissive without being able to express a proper opinion or rational thinking when it comes to essential matters.

In their communications, politicians rarely unveil a program or line of work they vow to commit to, but on the contrary, they tend to publicly attack their opponent by all means available, in a way to discredit them and bash their image, hoping that by using this reverse psychology technique they’ll succeed in gaining more popularity.

Sadly, they prevail in controlling the mind of the population and affect their voting behaviour.

Despite the failure in street protests, a large chunk of the Lebanese population is more than willing to contribute for change to the current Lebanese system. Voting is the only democratic non-violent weapon that exists, something most Lebanese tend to neglect or ignore. Many sell their votes for a couple of dollars, others succumb to pressure or blackmail to end up voting against their real convictions, while the vast majority refrain from even voting as they consider it a waste of time that will not come up with any positive results. It’s an irrational thinking, as voting is a right and a duty for every Lebanese.

Voting could make drastic positive change to a system as it reflects the real intentions of every citizen. Whereas refraining from voting keeps the same module and line of politicians, governing  a population which they don’t represent.

Currently, Lebanon is passing through a transitional period with no head of state, an illegitimate government, and a parliament that voted for its own extension. Lebanese politicians reached bottom and even started digging deeper in a run forward escape. Them freaking out is the ideal opportunity and the right timing for Lebanese citizens to rise in demand of change.

It’s naive to think that Lebanon will improve overnight at the hand of a politician, power is in the hands of every Lebanese, and that requires time as long as it’s build on healthy and solid basis. Voting for a program rather than a person shall contribute to the arrival of adequate politicians who can be held accountable for their actions.   

In 2017, the parliamentary elections are a unique chance to initiate a righteous path leading to change in Lebanon. An opportunity to begin the reshaping of Lebanon slowly but surely on solid grounds toward a prosperous future.

Otherwise, this leaves you with two options, start your immigration application or stay in Lebanon but keep your mouth shut.


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