Plane Crash Crisis: Differences Between France And Lebanon

Airplane-Cockpit-With-Pilot Brief timeline description of the differences when it comes to dealing with a plane crash crisis and the media coverage; in instance the GermanWings crash that occurred in March 2015 in France, and the Ethiopian Airlines crash in January 2010 in Lebanon.



·      Loss of radar signal with an A320 Airbus ·      Huge explosion heard in Beirut
·      Flight AU2595 from Barcelona to Dusseldorf is lost in the Alps region ·      Information about a plane crash in Beirut airport
·      French President asks for an immediate crisis management unit ·      Airplane exploded after take-off
·      Formation of a joint force from France, Spain, Germany and Italy ·      More than 200 passengers were on the flight
·      Air force scout the crash area taking photographs ·      Israeli missile could be behind targeting Ethiopian Airlines flight
·      French Prime Minister: “It’s official that the airline crashed with no survivors” ·      Were high ranked Hezbollah figures targeted?
·      Dispatch of a psychological cell to assist families and friends ·      Expert claims bad weather is behind the crash
·      Deployment of units with specific tasks ·      Sources confirm only 90 passengers
·      Recovery of one black box is sent for analysis ·      TV1 reveals names of passengers
·      Hotline number is put in service for relatives ·      Families in shock rush to the airport
·      Families are flown and installed in hotels nearby the crash ·      TV2 reveals images of bodies as a scoop while apologizing for the graphic content
·      One minute of silence in memory of the victims is respected across Europe ·      Arrival of Sunni MP, surrounded by media asking him the reasons behind the plane crash
·      Investigations are handled by professionals under European authority ·      TV3 interviews family members and friends in tears and despair
·      French prosecutor reveals that co-pilot deliberately crashed the plane ·      Arrival of Maronite MP, surrounded by media asking him the reasons behind the plane crash
·      CEO of Lufthansa acknowledge the findings ·      Lebanese Army, ISF, Customs, Maritime, Red Cross, Firefighters, Red Crescent, and civilians rush to the coast.
·      Families assisted by psychologists are taken to the crash site ·      Arrival of Shiaa MP, surrounded by media asking him the reasons behind the plane crash
·      Huge ceremony is held in memory of the crash and victims ·      TV4 portrays the life of the victims who are “martyrs” now
·      Media reports about cockpit’s old and new regulations ·      Arrival of Druze MP, surrounded by media asking him the reasons behind the plane crash
·      House of co-pilot is put under immediate protection ·      Prime minister calls for a crisis unit to meet…tomorrow morning.
·      EU and Canada opt for new regulations with permanent presence of two crew in the cockpit ·      Lebanese government asks Cyprus, Turkish and US Navy for assistance
·      Bodies are retrieved and recognized ·      Passengers are 51 Lebanese, 1 French, 1 British, 1 Russian and 23 Ethiopians.
·      Lufthansa grants $80,000 for each passenger’s family as an immediate first compensation ·      Lebanese Civil Aviation Authority blamed the pilots for the accident
·      New regulations are proposed for cockpit safety ·      Ethiopian Airlines denies the final report, claims that the aircraft experienced an on board explosion
·      Passengers list is made public ·      Hezbollah is convinced the crash was the result of an act of sabotage by the Israeli Mossad
·      Co-pilot intentions are revealed ·      No compensation were given to families of the victims
·      Case resolved ·      Case is still in court

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