5 Tasks For Minister Nouhad Machnouk


Beside the difficult challenges and the great efforts he’s achieving on the security level, Minister of Interior Nohad Mashnouk should also focus on some internal affairs that can improve the social life of every Lebanese.

1. Modern driving permit

When I got my driving license before the millennium, it was a piece of thick yellow paper, written by an Arabic calligrapher, with plenty of stamps on the back, and glued by a plastic wrap for protection. Throughout the years, I changed many wallets but all of them were chosen based on the size of this permit.

Nowadays, there’s an urgent need for progress and modernization of this license to be smaller with biometric identification in the size of a bank credit card.

2. Strict driving fines

Let’s face it, most if not all Lebanese didn’t go to any driving school, it’s either a family member or a friend who taught them how to drive a car, followed by teenage practice without really respecting any driving law.

Despite the new improvements done on the streets of Lebanon, either from traffic lights or lanes, some are still not respecting the basic laws of public driving; but with the new 2015 regulations any violation should be strictly applied regardless of the person and his connections.

3. Revoke weapons licenses

The post-war claim that every house in Lebanon has a weapon should not be an excuse that allows every Lebanese to use it. Firearms licenses should be reviewed, cancelled for some and given to others under strict conditions. The Yves Nawfal incident earlier this year should have been (and still can be) the sparkle to take such drastic measures regarding this abnormal habit.

4. Educate ISF wardens

Last month, I got a parking ticket after leaving my car in a lane full of cars in a street that has no “No Parking” sign. Without any excuses I was faulty and unaware of the policeman standing on the opposite street. What really pissed me off is the handwriting on the ticket itself; even after showing it to a doctor he was unable to decipher it, and then was rejected at a LibanPost office for being an unreadable document. These police officers should be given clear instructions on how to write tickets and be hold accountable for any malpractice.

5. Poop & Scoop

The number of domestic dogs has increased in many Lebanese cities; their owners take them out for their daily poop around neighborhoods, on sidewalks or boulevards, leaving their excrement on the streets without removing them. Local municipalities should install signs and issue a decree compelling dog owners to clean after their pets as some walking areas became like a minefield for pedestrians.

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