Controversial Media Figures

Joe Maalouf

Joe Maalouf

Joe Maalouf always pretended to uncover and expose the truth around sensible cases to the public, but many reports revealed having personal and political motives behind exposing them such as Dairy Khoury, the gay club, or the extravagances of the former president’s son.

In the Khoury Dairy case, he claimed to have reached conclusions after lab test that the “labneh” contains a large amount of preservatives; but instead of sharing his findings with the Ministry of Health, or the Consumer Association or even the “labneh” brands to allow them to improve their products, he directly went public looking for a media scoop, ignoring the consequences of such action. Rumors claim that he contacted Dairy Khoury earlier but the company rejected his demand$.

Scandals are banal stories that contradict with the mentality more than the laws of a certain society. But in a country where a scandal is more compelling that the pursuit of truth, Joe Maalouf becomes a businessman.

Many portrayed him as an unscrupulous and hypocrite person, and are facing lawsuits for such allegations, but he can simply be described as an unethical media person.

Lara K

Lara Kay

People were skeptical when watching her videos, if this person was deliberately acting foolishly to make a Youtube hit or if she was a natural dumb, but few videos later she confirmed an unprecedented vulgarity.

Her videos are shot in her bathroom, kitchen, or balcony with topics ranging from subjective social comments to hair waxing, all badly shot with poor English-Lebanese dialect. Adding to that, many TV shows invited her to dance and sing on playbacks for no specific reason.

Myriam Klink

Myriam Klink

A blond with few clothes will surely get attention from the Lebanese society. She started as a model for lingerie brands, then wrote a song about her “pussy” which pushed her controversial career to the Lebanese and regional media scenes.

Due to this subjective success the 40 years old became a public icon, she started dancing while singing, she was hosted on many shows, she even participated in a TV show where the winner runs for parliament elections, but her top success came with her social media activities where she shares obscene updates and stories to more than 400k follower.

Mike Feghaly

Mike Feghaly

He is one of the many pretenders that emerged at the end of 2004, a year that forecast the start of instability in Lebanon. Along with Michel Hayek and Laila Abdel Latif, Mike Feghaly became a media figure for fearful Lebanese looking for any source of relief and hope.

“I will cut my ponytail the day i set foot in Palestine” he once said. A phrase enough to bring Arabs to believe and hope that the State of Israel will soon collapse, and considering him a true patriotic while in fact he is nothing but a real bluff.

The bald man with a ponytail managed to take advantage of weak people in despair, he created a hotline to contact him that charges $1.5/min, he even established a contact form charging a minimum amount of $ 50+ per appointment, depending on the “gravity” of the case and the caller’s country.

Nadim Koteich

Nadim Koteich

 He is the presenter of DNA, a daily political show on Future TV, specialized in attacking Hezbollah, Michel Aoun and the March 8 movement. His sarcastic and cynical comments revolve around any topic that could relate to the party of god. His moment of infamous glory came during a public protest in Beirut on October 21, 2012 where he asked people to storm the Grand Serail in opposition of March 8 politics; an irresponsible action that could have brought awful consequences.

Early in 2014, Nadim Koteich had an off-sight visit to Michel Aoun in Rabieh, a radical change or a confirmation that everyone has a price?


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