When Charlatans Rule Lebanon

Dejjel 1

After every security or terrorist incident in Lebanon comes out those so-called psychics with divine statements to keep the Lebanese minds busy with doubts, fear and paranoia.

The last time I watched a clairvoyant was in late 2005 when Michel Hayek made public allegations on sensitive upcoming events that could occur in Lebanon after the March revolution. Since that year other “visionary” individuals made it to the Lebanese scene such as Mike Feghaly, Laila Abdel Latif, and many others; whereas each one of them sets a unique image for himself that will allow him to grab more audience.

Then, they started using very cheap ways of promoting fear within the Lebanese population; keeping them in a state of uncertainty about their future. “The scarier the story, the more fame we get” was their main media weapon for persuasion.

The media themselves took advantage of this phenomena that is influencing the Lebanese minds, and built around it, where they placed their new star in a very dark studio, with dimmed lights, and a background music from one of Hitchcock’s thriller movies; all that to give their guest the image of a serious, mysterious and divine creature coming from another world.

What really amaze me are those people sitting in front of their TV screens, carefully listening to their pretentious statements and planning their life accordingly. These charlatans are nothing but driven businessmen who spend their days and nights reading news from all around the world before coming up with fuzzy and unclear claims. “A prominent Lebanese politician will be in danger this year” one once announced. With more than a thousand current or former politicians over 50+ years old, it will be normal for one to pass away, either from assassination, heart attack, accident or even a prostate failure. Anyhow, these charlatans will take the credits, and that writing style applies on most if not all of their predictions.

Get that in mind. No one can ever predict the future, the only thing a human being can do is assume expectations based on recurring history, previous events and human behavior. Many predicted catastrophes and the end of the world, like the Mayans who set the date of December 21st 2012 as doomsday, but again nothing happened.

These Lebanese charlatans go even further with their “business of fear” by creating hot line numbers for Lebanese people to get in touch with them and ask personal questions about their relationship status, finances, work and their future.

Their only enemy is science, as they succeeded in overcoming religion and common sense in people’s mind. They allegedly use nature and science facts to come up with their visions; taking advantage of studies and reports to predict an earthquake or a storm.

Unfortunately, it’s the Lebanese themselves who are feeding the growing fame of these charlatans; losing on the way their faith in themselves, and their capability to think rationally and logically.

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