Bekaa – Please Smoke What You Grow


The same incidents that are taking place this year in the northern part of the Bekaa happened couple of months prior to the 1975 Lebanese war. At that time, many assassinations took place and each belligerent side of the conflict accused the other.

Just yesterday, the bodies of four Lebanese were found inside their vehicle (Yahoo News). They were shot and the car left in an area between Baalbek and Arsal. The rivalry between clans is not new in the Bekaa, but it was never as affected as it is now with the continuous Syrian civil war. The population of Baalbeck closed roads in protest and publicly accused individuals from Arsal; who at their turn publicly denied any implication in these killings.

This new rivalry saw the arrival of foreign anti-Assad fighters from Syria to the Lebanese Sunni village of Arsal, while on the other side a remarkable presence of Hezbollah fighters took place in the Shiia villages of the Northern Bekaa.

Outsiders fear the existence of a third party that is manipulating and spilling oil on this historical strife, making it a key point in the regional negotiations regarding the Syrian conflict. Nevertheless, if the situation takes an ascending scenario all Lebanon will be affected with clashes reaching the major cities of Beirut, Tripoli and Saida.

Wishing people from these areas can consume some of the crops they are specialized in, and put a peaceful end to this “fire under the ashes” opposition.

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