Lebanon – Places to Avoid in 2013

Places to avoid 2013
(Image by Men Aribo)

orange Lebanon/Israel borders: Every now and then, Israel trespasses the Blue Line which puts the Lebanese Army in alert. While other Palestinians factions try to fire Katyusha rockets to Northern Israel which now puts the IDF in alert. In general, these incidents are not too often and passing the day in the South is to some point safe.

red Tripoli Clashes: This is supposed to be the main attraction of the summer and might last till the end of the year, as it is somehow directly linked to the Syrian war. The continuous clashes between Beb-El-Tebbeneh (Sunnis) and Jabal Mohsen (Alawis) are putting the whole North and especially Tripoli in the zone of places to avoid.

blue Wadi Khaled and Akkar: The haven plateau for smuggling arms and “moujahedin” between Lebanon and Syria. The beautiful valleys and rivers in this area are now the scene of many border confrontations between the Syrian army and rebels affiliated with the Free Syrian Army.

violet Ahmad El-Assir in Saida: The Sunni sheikh is figuratively taking Saida hostage, he was able within a year time, to gather couple hundreds of supporters under his Anti-Hezbollah slogan. His repetitive sit-ins are becoming like a heavy burden for the city of Saida, making it an unstable area with high presence of Lebanese Army soldiers.

green Arsal / Baalbeck: In the arid mountains that separate Lebanon with Syria is located the city of Arsal. Just couple of months ago, a big clash occurred between the locals and the Army Intelligence, which made the area to be completely surrounded by the Lebanese Army. In addition, many kidnappings are taking place around Baalbeck targeting rich businessmen, foreigners, and between clans from Arsal and Baalbeck.

These areas mentioned above do not constitute a major threat to go around or visit Lebanon; as most of them are located on the  borders with Syria and Israel. Other cities like Beirut, Byblos, Tyr, Batroun, Jounieh, Zahleh, West Bekaa, Chouf, Metn and many other places live peacefully away from any tragic disputes.

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