Modern Islamic Fatwas


Having no centralized Islamic authority, any Muslim cleric can issue a fatwa these days. It became so trendy that many are issued on monthly basis to meet the changes of the modern life. Initially, fatwas are harmless and well studied for the well-being of every Muslim around the world; but lately, some Islamic scholars went beyond the level of insanity.

  1. Adult Breastfeeding in the Workplace (Ezzat Attiya,Egypt) If a male worker sucks an adult female worker’s breasts 5 times, she becomes his foster mother and now they both can work together.
  2. Car accident seat-belt (KSA) A driver should not wear a seat belt while driving as this will conflict with God’s reserved fate for him.
  3. Mickey Mouse is evil (Muhammad Al-Munajid, KSA) The Disney character represents evil power as he’s Satan’s soldier.
  4. Women must not touch bananas or cucumbers, even while shopping for  groceries, because they have the form of a penis.
  5. Emoticons (Multaqa Ahl al Hadeeth), emoticons are forbidden because of its imitation of Allah’s creatures.
  6. Against Polio Vaccine (Pakistan) A cleric in Pakistan believes that the medicine is Jewish and will make Muslim men impotent or have physical attraction for goats.
  7. Ladies should not sit on chairs (Al-Habib Omar Bin Muhamad, Yemen), because they expose themselves to fornication by the ‘jinn’
  8. Soccer is Haram (Abdallah Al-Najdi, KSA)  Soccer is forbidden except when played as training for jihad.
  9. Talking while Pissing is Strictly Prohibited (Mufti Abd al-Wahhab al-Turayri) “Two men should not go to relieve themselves, exposing their private parts, and then be talking to each other”
  10. No A/C for women (Abu Al-Bara’, KSA) Housewives should turn off the air condition in the absence of their husbands as this will send a sign to the neighbors that she is in the house (sorry, no further logic explanation about this)

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