Nour Merheb: The misstep of an activist

Back in September 2011, when i first heard about the suicide of Nour Merheb, a Lebanese activist, i immediately remembered the movie “The Life of David Gale”. Just like Constance in the movie, he was active in human rights associations and he insisted on asphyxiating himself, making sure to videotape it and leave a note.For months now, i became curious about this case and the person himself; trying to read & analyse his background, his beliefs, and his motives.

My personal conclusion came as simple as a “Misstep”.

A misstep is when an individual takes a very important action at the wrong moment, thinking that this will lead to a kind of change he/she expected. In a country like Lebanon where population is still ruled by outdated leaders that feed them daily with corruption, the art of bribery, short-sighted vision; Nour chose the wrong strategy to communicate his beliefs.

I just hope he didn’t have the same expectations as some hollywood movies such as The Life of David Gale, Fight Club, or other movements such as the Wako sect.

As for suicide, in any form interpreted, is an act of weakness, a getaway from a reality. In his last letter, Nour stated that he did not commit suicide but rather he put an end to his life.

Personal issues or as stated a “misstep”?

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