Trends Of Summer 2016 in Lebanon



Stand up paddle (SUP) is a water-sports that initiated in Hawaii and other Asian countries, it consists of an epoxy board where one can stand on and paddle at high speed. Lebanese jumped on this activity, facilitated by a new local dealer and the availability of specialized instructors to teach the beginners. Nevertheless, this exotic “haské” is one expensive toy that can reach up to $3,000, accessories included.


After the gluten free, organic, lactose intolerance, chia seeds, whole wheat and macrobiotic comes the vegan mania. Originally, this practice aims to minimize harm to animals directly or indirectly which requires abstention of meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, honey, wool, leather, fur etc… but it became a selective way of life where one avoid eating cheese but wears a branded leather jacket.

In Lebanon, one would have to prepare home cooked dishes to maintain this diet, or order from couple of restaurants who offer vegan dishes. Saying that, prices could be exorbitant for some trendy devotees, making veganism in Lebanon a matter of wealth more than health or principles.

Live Love Something

Live Love Lebanon is a campaign initially launched by the Lebanese ministry of tourism inviting foreigners and Lebanese abroad to visit the country. It made an impact on different social media and was quickly adopted by individuals tailoring it to a specific region, city or village in Lebanon. Live Love Beirut, Live Love Jbeil, Live Love Tripoli and many other designations flooded on Facebook and Instagram.

These accounts featured impressive photos of landscapes, food, people and other traditional moments. This trend was abused by adding the hashtag to every detail of life to have something like #LiveLoveKeshek, #LiveLoveSunset, #LiveLoveWedding, really?


Television became too mainstream for a Friday night at home, or when friends call asking about your plans, you solemnly respond with a “‘i’m watching a series on Netflix”. Despite the lousy internet connection, this entertainment platform became a subject of social distinction among Lebanese. In spring of this year, Netflix became available in more than 130 countries including Lebanon after it was limited only to North America.

You simply need a Smart TV, PS3/PS4 or a ChromeCast, a monthly subscription, and an internet of at least 2mbps to enjoy a rich content at home.


This discipline is not really new to Lebanon but it’s modern version was a hit this summer. Initially, Yoga is a spiritual association with the surrounding environment and the inner mind, but modern yoga also called “Not Yoga” seems to morph further and further away from traditional yoga.

Rare are those who teach spiritual yoga in Lebanon, some even persuade that a great physical fitness is required before reaching the spiritual level, which is totally wrong. Usually sessions are limited to stretching exercises with a pinch of acrobat moves named under exotic terms to make you feel like a real Yogi.

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