10 New Monuments Of Lebanon


Welcome dear visitor,

In order to make your stay more pleasant and comfortable, we have arranged for you a list of landmarks and monuments to visit in Lebanon. Eventually, we excluded ancient spots that no longer represent a point of interest like columns or castles dating from thousand of years, or caves with water running from valleys where people once lived.

We’re offering you the future, progress and development in a healthy environment.

Welcome to Lebanon 2016.


  1. The White River, a man made monument that was lately unveiled in Beirut suburbs after that trash was amassed for months under sun heat and heavy rain. It’s recommended before visiting to be well equipped with mouth mask and clothespin. (Free Entrance)zouk
  2. Cloud Of Zouk, forget about cirrus or cumulus white clouds, this is a unique sight seen in Zouk and from open-sight coastal areas. This phenomena occurs every week but mostly spotted at night showing black smoke darker than the sky. You can buy vegetables with stains from nearby stores as a souvenir or simply take a deep breath to clean your lungs. (Free Entrance)    selaata
  3. Salaata Seabed is another lifeless underwater area, but unlike the Dead Sea in Jordan, this experience is man-made due to the excessive dumping of chemicals from nearby factories. The seabed became clear white with no plants or sea life around. Complete peace of mind. It’s recommended to bring your own snorkeling gear, bare in mind that you might witness some skin irritation after your first visit (Free Entrance)                             solidere
  4. Solidere Ghost Town is an easily accessible attraction where you can wander for hours in empty roads between buildings with heavy police presence, taking pictures of wall graffiti and empty shops with sudden appearance of elderly men guarding vacant buildings. The visit will simply cost you a parking fee.                                                                                                  traffic land
  5. Traffic Tour in Lebanon is an activity that requires planning in advance, in order to choose the perfect time of the day.You have the choice between the long version by renting a car and drive it yourself, or the shorter version that consists of taking a bus that is able to level up your adrenaline all along the ride. Cost might include anxiety pills.             ef25721b581_634x401
  6. Pothole Land is another exciting ride full of emotions, it’s advised to do it after the Traffic Tour when roads are clear, you will enjoy bumpers, potholes, open sewages, slippery roads, unfinished works, and many other features. Keep checking updates for new locations surfacing after a heavy rain or constructions. Cost is high if using your own vehicle.  protests
  7. Live Protests is an unpredictable activity, you’re lucky if you take part in one out of nowhere. It’s usually a group of people blocking a main vital road of the capital, burning tires and shouting demands. Definitely a spontaneous experience to endure that will only cost you your travel ticket in case you were heading to the airport.                                                flood
  8.  Aqua-Boulevard is the biggest natural outdoor waterpark in the Middle East. Its location on major roads and intersections makes it accessible to you and your family for an amazing adventure. Upon a rainy weather forecast, be ready to pack your inflatables and swimsuit and come enjoy our flooded streets. You might encounter some floating garbage, never mind, pretend it’s a seaweed.                                                                                            coast
  9. Boat Trip to Daliya, Damour and Batroun This is a must, you will witness the complete makeover of the Lebanese coast, how rocky beaches were excavated, or an old phoenician seaport turned to rubbles for the construction of a touristic resort.                  4843589092501346
  10. Place de L’étoile & Sérail is a place that accommodates individuals with high level of incompetencies, they teach you lessons in corruption and bribery while you listen to long and useless speeches without ever reaching an understanding. It’s advised for your own safety not to approach their convoy, as it’s also prohibited to feed them.



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