10 Facts You Should Know About ISIS


1) Although it started in Iraq, ISIS has more fighters in Syria due to the influx of prospective supporters through the Syrian – Turkish border. Al-Raqqa in Syria became their official capital and main headquarter.

2) Refineries under the control of ISIS are still producing and selling oil to private western companies like Shell, Halliburton, BP and others. Granting the Islamic state a daily income of $ 3,000,000.

3) Different acronyms were given to this group: IS (Islamic State) for those who already accept this entity. ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq & Levant) for those who believe in the expansion of this entity, ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq & Syria) for those who think its presence is limited in those two countries, DAESH (the Arabic interpretation of ISIS), for those denying this entity and differentiating it from Islamic pacifism.

4) Ever wondered why ISIS victims are calm before execution? First they’re given high dose of sedatives before taking repetitive takes for their video production propaganda, making the victim unaware of his final fate.

5) Most prominent and brutal ISIS figures are not Syrians or Iraqis but British, French, Chechen, American, Pakistani and Tunisian.

6) Since the beginning of the US coalition strikes in September 2014, ISIS got stronger with an estimated 60,000 new recruits; larger arsenal of weapons seized, bought or “accidentally” parachuted by the coalition’s planes.

7) Beside an active presence on social media, ISIS’s propaganda is mainly based on state-of-the-art video productions of their battles, massacres, and executions. Their Hollywood shooting style requires professional and expensive equipment imported most likely from western countries.

8) Fighters with European, American, Australian and British passports have special treatment within ISIS, they’re considered a valued asset for their capability of conducting operations in their home country, the ability to influence and recruit new western followers, and the wide knowledge in technology & social media.

9) ISIS pays its fighters around $400/month and treat them like any regular army ”…it’s not a terrorist problem anymore, but rather an army on the move in Iraq and Syria and they’re gaining terrain…” says The Institute For The Study Of War.

10) The goal of ISIS is the establishment of a caliphate under the Islamic sharia in the whole MENA region except in…Israel. They clearly stated their fight is with “Al-Murtadeen” and not the Jews. They never mention Israel in any of their communication or plan, with nonexistent military operations on the borders with the Jewish state; ISIS members fighting the Syrian regime were even welcomed in Israeli hospitals. (Pictures below show PM Benjamin Netanyahu visiting fighters. Israeli media insists on hiding their faces)

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