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“It’s not what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make successful human beings”. (Ann Launders)

 Many parents pave the road for their child instead of preparing their child for the road. Starting at an early age they tell their kids that they are intelligent, unique and superior to all others; all that without teaching them respect, modesty and courage or even giving them the opportunity to choose what they like.

It’s normal to love your kids but not to the point of worshipping them. When you treat them like the center of the universe, you create a false idol. Children should be loved in a way that promotes selflessness over selfishness.

Somehow this is rooted within the Lebanese culture; we tend to create a self-centered personality for our kids while showing our happiness in their image.

We make them part of our personal convictions, we make them hold flags of political parties, we push them to play our games, we pass to them hatred towards people we already hate, we punish instead of teaching, we feed them with feelings of greed, fear and egocentrism, we interrupt them when they want to express themselves before giving them the “abou” epithet at an early age.

Some could become easily offended character at a later age, like not accepting losing in a win or lose game, they become too dependent on others, or emotionally down in front of any obstacle in life.

Even Lebanese politicians are affected, especially when you see a minister with a medicine background handling the ministry of agriculture, or a military veteran given the ministry of social affairs. This is no longer considered a positive asset the moment it gives a Lebanese the illusion of being able to do anything, anywhere at anytime.

In movies he’s a viewer, a director and a film critic at the same time.

In football he’s a coach with wide knowledge in strategies, tactics and players.

In tensions, he becomes an analyst with intelligence from reliable sources …“metel ma 3amb ellak…”

In information, he believes the truth comes from his favorite TV station or newspaper.

In travel, going twice to Turkey on a guided tour makes him a travel guru.

In gastronomy, he rates food based on how trendy the restaurant is.

In religion, he’s a missionary preaching the words of God in politics and social matters “…inch’allah…”

In love, he is the reincarnation of Nizar Kabbani but without wisdom, patience and respect.

In fights he’s like Rambo, likes to be loud while swearing to attract public attention. Before ending the fight by kissing the other person“…wlek habibi inta…”…

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” (Stephen Hawking)


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