Banned Magazines in Lebanon


There are no specific guidelines for banning international publications in Lebanon. It just happens for a particular issue based on the sensitivity of its content.

Got my hand on the list of the banned magazines for this month, and after reading the online version of each one, I can list some of the reasons why they were banned:

– Travel agency ad for trips between Paris and Tel Aviv.
– Article about the life of Israeli female soldiers.
– Article about Saudi Arabia and the shariaa laws that are adapted there.
– Another ad highlighting the tourism in the holy land.

As for the rest of the magazines highlighted in red in the above picture I couldn’t find any reason why they were banned. (In instance Le Journal de Mickey ?!)

These publications usually have pages torn out before being released in the Lebanese market. The bureau of censorship should be aware that there is an online version for every magazine which they can not control.

Maybe their drastic actions were only to inform the public opinion of the bureau’s existence and how they stand in face of any point of view that puts the national security in jeopardy. (Sarcasm)

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