Woman Abuse Gets to Restaurants

woman on menu1

This photo was taken from the menu of a well-known restaurant in Byblos. Usually, I order on the fly without looking at the menu, but I was funnily shocked when I got to the desserts section. I mean, what the hell is this picture?

Could whipped cream on a woman’s lips trigger me to order a profiterole? Or maybe just by looking at her I could get aroused and order more food?

That’s an indecent and cheap way for a menu design.

Previously, many blogs like ritakml and reemaakaoui raised the issue of using women in various ads in order to attract more attention and grab man’s interest.

Sometimes a celebrity endorsement for a product or the fact of showing a woman in a perfume or jewelry ad is acceptable, as long as it falls in the right category targeting the female gender.

Below are some examples showing the objectification of woman in various Lebanese ads…

fioredelli stunner tires klynn_billboard cablevision lotto-ad Getthebreast pastai

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